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Psycho Activity Anger Management

Engaging novelty through learning and promoting the growth of the mindset.

This Approach ultimately increases an individual’s confidence, self esteem, and sense of inner personal power or OK’ness. Utilizing tools to cultivate cognitive awareness while using the latest in mindfulness techniques and addressing a client’s daily lifestyle.
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What KCounseling Offers

Anger Management program trained by NAMA- Using evidenced based
Cognitive Behavioral and a Psycho educational approach you can learn to gain control of your anger and healthy ways of expression. By introducing interventions and shifting cognitive thought processes you can take back control of your life. This program is backed by courts in all 50 states and completion of the program will be sufficient to provide proof of anger management if your treatment is court ordered.

Individual Classes
These classes are $50 and only allows one client in the class. These classes last anywhere from 45min-50min.
Group Classes
These classes are $35 and allow 4 or more clients in the class. These session last anywhere from 75min-90min.
These workshops are $350 and is designed for organizations who have employees, students, or associates who want to understand anger management.
Pricing Information
Individual Classes
1 on 1 classes
Group Classes
4 or more people
11 or more people
Family Classes
4 family member max
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